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What is ‘WordPress Maintenance’
And why does it matter?


Imagine your website as a shiny new luxury car. At first, it’s amazing. It looks gorgeous and runs smooth – all you need to do is enjoy the experience.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t need maintenance. Without proper attention, it won’t always run as smoothly and the longer you wait, the more problems (and expenses) you’ll likely encounter.

Automated hacks, malware, outdated themes & plugins… these are just a few of the issues for WordPress websites. 

There are many reasons & aspects to maintaining your WordPress site, but the point is to keep your website running smoothly and avoid unexpected and costly interruptions.

Maintenance Plan Features

The following features help ensure that all aspects of your WordPress site continue operating at optimal performance.

Safer WordPress Updates

Automated backups prior to all changes for the safest possible updates.

Daily Cloud Backups

Reliable backups with30-day cloud storage and one-click restore options.

Sucuri Security Check

Make sure your site is clean & get instant notification if files become infected.

Broken Link Monitoring

Regular scans of an entire WordPress site for broken links.

Vulnerability Notifications

Get notified of any plugins with known vulnerabilities so you can act accordingly.

Database Optimization

Regular database maintenance to help web pages load as fast as possible.

Uptime Monitor

Instant notification if and when your website appears offline.

SEO Rankings

Track your keyword rankings, identify top competitors and see how you compare.

Monthly Activity Report

Get report detailing all monthly activity, SEO, security & performance scans.

What’s Not Included?

Please note the following tasks are not included with WordPress Maintenance. 

  • Repairs of issues caused by Admins outside of our team
  • License renewal fees not covered by our developer’s license
  • Adding / Designing New Pages
  • Redesigning Existing Pages
  • Installation or removal of plugins
  • Form building, setup, & testing
  • Adding new features or functionality
  • Domain renewals or maintenance
  • Listings Management
  • SEO, Social Media Management or Email Marketing

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